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  • How to Make a Plastic Mold

    Making a plastic mold can be done in a few steps if you want to make copies of an existing object, according to Bright Hub Engineering. The mold is created from a two-ingredient li...

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  • What are some things you can do with a plastic mold? - Instructables

    I recently bought a Doctor Who "Flesh Bowl Figure Creator" ( . However, the powder for it doesn't work right. I figure there are some ...

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  • i want to make a mold i can pour plastic into, what do i use? - Instructables

    im working on recasing my palm tungsten T, and so i was wondering how exactly i should go about making the mold to cast the parts. im thinking i'll have to make a prototype of the ...

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  • Plastic-Bag Paint Containers | Family Handyman

    Save time cleaning up brushes by putting paint in plastic bags. Clean up will be a lot easier and the painting will go a lot quicker. Home Tools, Gear & Equipment Gear & Apparel Ba...

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  • Plastic Molding With Grocery Bags : 4 Steps - Instructables

    Plastic Molding With Grocery Bags: I hated seeing all these perfectly good plastic bags go to waste, so I decided I would figure out a way to reuse them. In this instructable I'll ...

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  • Plastic Injection Molding and Extruding : 11 Steps - Instructables

    Plastic Injection Molding and Extruding: Plastic Injection molding is simple with the right equipment. All that you need is a heater and some plastic. Recycled plastics will yiel...

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  • That Plastic Container You Microwave In Could Be Super-Toxic |

    "Microwave-safe" doesn't mean what you think "Microwave-safe" doesn't mean what you think If your idea of meal preparation is microwaving leftovers in the plastic takeout container...

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  • Easy way to strip paint off plastic containers? - Instructables

    I am trying to take paint (printing) off of a plastic container -- the body is a 5 and the lid is a 2. I can do it by hand using sand paper but it is taking a really long time. (An...

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  • When to Throw Out Microwaveable Plastic Containers

    Reheating meals in plastic containers in the microwave is something that most of us probably do, but over time those containers start to break down and leach plastic into the food....

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  • What the Recycling Symbol on Plastic Containers Can Tell You |

    To avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding plastic products with these three recycling codes. To avoid exposure to harmful chemi...

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  • 4 Reusable Lunch Containers to Use Instead of Plastic | Parents

    Stop creating plastic waste with single-use packaging, and switch to one of these reusable options instead to decrease your family's footprint. Stop creating plastic waste with sin...

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